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Unique and Custom Design

Unique and Custom Design

Many architects specify Accredited Home Elevator into their elevator design plans when adding a residential elevator simply because we are the most reputable elevator installation company on the Jersey Shore. We have an excellent reputation among builders, architects, homeowners, and elevator inspectors. We will answer any questions or concerns about adding a residential elevator into to a set of design plans and will be there every step of the way. House plans with elevators require 100 percent precision – and that’s exactly what our experts can help provide. From luxury elevator interior design to small, residential lifts, our team has you covered.

We can also customize our elevator cabs to your unique specifications. We believe that an open channel of support and communication between us, the architect, and the builder is the most efficient way to successfully add an in-house elevator from the design phase to the final completion of the project.

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Inspired Design

We incorporate the customers’ vision into our cab design with our creativity, style, and purposeful innovation. Our industry-leading designs deliver cutting-edge innovations to make your elevator cab a focal point of any home. When the time comes to design an elevator, Accredited Home Elevator should be the first number you call.

Exceptional Detail

We are obsessed with the details – every product, every experience made just for you. Each elevator construction is created by our seasoned craftsmen and women with meticulous care and attention. “The Accredited Difference is in the Details.”

Accredited Home Elevator Passion

We have a relentless commitment to finding a better way, exceeding what’s required and giving our best. We are passionate about keeping up on the latest elevator code compliance, developing better ways to produce an industry-leading elevator, all while achieving more customer satisfaction for you and for our team. Whether you are in need of an apartment elevator or an office elevator, our expert team has you covered.

Accredited Home Elevator has listed below the most common documents that a builder would need to design, layout, and build your elevator while working with AHE. Our goal is to ensure you’re up to date on the most relevant specifications, installation documents, and guides.

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